Every so often, I visit the U of M Dairy Salesroom and pick up a few cheeses. Last time, I purchased a tub of Nuworld cheese spread.

Nuworld is a cheese developed at the U of M and is considered a white “blue” cheese instead of the more traditional blue veined blue cheese.

It’s earthier in flavor than traditional blue cheese and has an umami about it that reminds me of roasted mushrooms.

While I could eat my tub of cheese with a bag of pretzels, I decided instead to make a Nuworld cream sauce to put on pasta — and the results were fantastic.

It was as easy as slowly melting a stick of butter, adding a few scoops of Nuworld and whisking until emulsified. So easy.

Of course I didn’t go the easy route with the pasta, choosing to make pumpkin, sage and parmesan-filled ravioli. But for a quicker version, grab a pack or two of store-bought refrigerated ravioli and boil according to the package directions before tossing the ravioli with the Nuworld sauce.

I added sliced green apples and walnuts to mine as an homage to the old Times Bar and Cafe in northeast Minneapolis where Ginger Hop now sits. Anyone remember that place? It was one of my favorite dishes back in the day and something I regularly crave. Luckily, it’s something I can recreate with a little effort.

Try making this sauce yourself, and if you can’t get your hands on Nuworld cheese, go for a blue or gorgonzola cheese instead. You’ll be delighted at the results.

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