MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Brandon from Plymouth, Minn. has been thinking about the old Metrodome sign on Interstate 394. He wants to know: when are the signs coming down?

The short answer is those signs will come down when they have new ones to put up.

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MnDOT and Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority don’t really want to change the signs twice.

There’s no need to put crews in potential harm’s way. And they only want to disrupt traffic once.

Then, there’s the cost issue.

MSFA says it’s not sure on the timeline, especially seeing as the stadium still needs a name.

Patrick moved here from California and he wondered: why is the Minnesota Democratic party called is called the DFL Party?

“They merged in 1944. Hubert Humphrey brought the Democratic party and Farmer-Labor party together,” WCCO’s political reporter Pat Kessler said.

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Not all Democrats in Minnesota are farmers or laborers, so why is it still the DLF?

“This is a rich history, a rich tradition. They see no need to change it. Why change it? You ask why wouldn’t they. They as why would they?” Kessler said.

Sofia and Charlie from Robbinsdale, Minn. want to know: why do we say “boo” on Halloween?

“The secret to a good ‘boo’ is you have to have a good hiding spot, and then surprise the person when you’re yelling boo,” WCCO’s Jamie Yuccas said.

Boo can actually be traced back to the 1700s.

But it’s not entirely clear why.

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Some suspect the explosive “b” and forceful “oo” in one syllable that can make it scary.

Heather Brown