MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — What started as a few friends sampling pastries has turned into the Twin Cities’ sweetest new happening, and a sold-out event.

The Twin Cities Donut Crawl may just be the ultimate sugar rush. Here’s how it works: A $25 ticket includes coffee from Five Watt Coffee, a T-shirt, and of course a donut from three local favorites. The $65 VIP ticket includes a hoodie, plus two donuts at each shop.

Bogart’s Doughnuts, Mel-O-Glaze, and A Bakers Wife will all be providing custom donuts.

This event started last December with just a few friends, much like the beginnings of the venerable Zombie Pub Crawl.

“We have so many great doughnut shops in the Twin Cities that are just little mom and pop things that we wanted to try out,” said Angie King, one of the founders. “You can choose to eat it all then and go into a sugar coma.”

Organizers said they thought they would get maybe a couple hundred people at most, and capped the event off at 500 participants. The Saturday, Nov. 8 event sold out briskly.

“We don’t even know how it happened. We thought we’ll be lucky if we get 200 people. Then we opened up a waiting list and there were hundreds of people on our waiting list, so we decided to do a second day,” King said.

So by the numbers, we’re talking a thousand shirts, 80 gallons of coffee and at least 3,000 doughnuts.

The crawl doesn’t just get revelers up close and personal with old standbys, participating stores are even making custom crullers just for the crawlers, so to speak. OK, they may or may not be actual “crullers.” The actual specifics of these special crawl-only doughnuts are still top secret.

While enjoying their treats, doughnut crawlers are also helping families put food on their tables. Proceeds are going to Second Harvest Heartland Food Bank.

“We’re really excited to be partnering with them because of how much they contribute to our community,” King said. “Especially in the area of food because that’s what this is –- a donut crawl.”

Tickets are still available for the Sunday, Nov. 9, crawl. Twin Cities Donut Crawl will be giving away a few tickets for Saturday. Click here for more information.