MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — This Halloween, we investigated the old WCCO Radio Building in downtown Minneapolis.

Over the years, employees have said they’ve seen ghosts, heard strange, inexplicable voices — and they’ve even felt the presence of a spirit.

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So we called in the experts from the Twin Cities Paranormal Society and Missy Reno Smith, a well-known psychic medium from Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Brady Jeunesse is lead investigator for TCPS. He showed up with two cases of paranormal investigating equipment.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

“We have the typical K2 meter which measures EMF (electromagnetic field). It also illuminates the fluctuation of EMF and we have the millimeter that also measures EMF but it also provides a temperature,” Jeunesse said.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

He also brought a Rem-Pod and a Static-Pod that measures changes in EMF, and a number of audio digital recorders with sensitive microphones.

“Often times we’re able to catch evidence because we can’t hear it through the audible ear,” Jeunesse said. “But I always say the best instrument of course is your own body and your senses.”

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

So we entered the basement of the WCCO Radio Building, where most ghost sightings have occurred. And sure enough, the EMF levels went off the charts.

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Jeunesse and another ghost investigator then sat in the dark, asking questions while they recorded. You can hear the results below.

The next night was Missy Reno Smith’s turn. She claims she can see, hear and feel spirits and angels.

She went into the basement and immediately felt a presence.

“There’s somebody here who worked down here,” Smith said.

She then got a feeling that connected her to the word “keys.”

“He says, ‘I don’t like keys, the key people,'” Smith said.

We continued walking through the basement and into a locked room, where we found a key machine that Smith hadn’t seen. She says the spirit is not angry — he’s more frustrated.

“He was drawn back here after he passed,” Smith said. “He’s fairly young and wears a hat.”

Years before, a WCCO Radio employee gave a similar description of an unknown person roaming the halls on the fifth of floor of the building.

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Click here to see a video of the investigation by Edgar Linares.