MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — After last year’s brutal winter and propane shortage, many Minnesota families are filling their tanks now.

“That will be a tremendous boost for the supply industry and for consumers, and will bode well for everyone,” Roger Leider, Executive Director of the Minnesota Propane Association, said.

Also, they’re hoping for a milder winter.

“That’s one of the challenges. We have been preparing the last couple of months for a colder winter, but now we hear it will be average, and average is fine.” Leider said.

Last year, after 5 years of mild winters and decreasing sales, many people were caught off guard and had to wait for propane.

Leider said they believe those problems have been solved and they are better prepared for the winter.

“We are optimistic, with caution,” he said.

Leider says more than 200,000 home are heated by propane.