MINNEAPOPLIS (WCCO) – Rather than throwing out this year’s Halloween costume, one Twin Cities man hopes you donate it to a good cause.

Ryan Ridgley has a collection drive set up outside his Richfield home.

For the last three years he’s asked people to drop off their used costumes after Halloween.

You can’t miss his house on 74th Street and 4th Avenue.

He’s set up a Halloween display that attracts hundreds of people every year.

Ridgley washes and donates the costumes to a local church so those who can’t afford to dress up will have the chance next year.

“When I was growing up, for first 10 years of my life, I didn’t really understand what Halloween was. My parents weren’t exactly well off and so we couldn’t afford for me to go trick-or-treating with costumes. I really believe every kid deserves to have a good Halloween,” Ridgley said.

For those who would like to donate, Ridgley will keep a collection box outside his home for the next week.

Last year he collected 67 costumes.

This year he hopes to have 150.