MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The polls are open and ballots are being cast across the state Tuesday as political candidates wait to see if they’ll be voted into office.

According to the Pew Research Center, voter turnout is typically lower for the midterm elections, but Minneapolis election official Anissa Hollingshead said that’s not always the case here.

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“Minnesota typically does lead the nation in voter turnout. Eight of the last nine national elections, we’ve been first. I think this will hopefully be on par with that and hopefully be a strong year,” Hollingshead said.

Minnesota is one of the few states in the nation with same-day voter registration. If you are a first-time voter or have not voted in the last four years, Hollingshead said you’ll need to bring a photo ID as well as a current utility bill, bank statement or credit card statement.

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She said if you are already registered to vote and have voted at least once within the last four years, you don’t need to bring anything with you.

A new state law goes into effect Tuesday as well. All transit, including buses and trains, are free so Hollingshead said there’s no reason not to get out and vote.

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The precincts are open until 8 p.m.