MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The Eagan Wildcats girls’ volleyball team won 3 to 0 Thursday and will advance to the semifinals for the second year in a row.

But as WCCO’s David McCoy says, as much success as the team has had it can’t compare to that enjoyed by one family.

Michele McNeil has gotten pretty used to the view of watching her daughters compete in the state tournament.

In 2010, it was Kellie and Taylr winning a state title for Lakeville North.

Three years and a different school later, it was Taylr and Maddie winning it all with Eagan.

“So it was always two of them,” Michele said.

And now, she’s back here again watching Maddie, who has the chance to be the first in the family to win one without a sister.

“It’d be nice to win one again, but it’s not like, haha, in your face,” Maddie said.

Big sisters Kellie and Taylr both play for South Carolina. Maddie committed to join them, but then changed her mind.

“She’s my most independent,” Michele said.

Instead, she chose Northern Iowa.

“I guess I’m pretty independent,” Maddie said.

Still, that’s three sisters, three Division I scholarships.

“We all have a great passion for the game,” Maddie said.

“We’ve had three of them sit down in front of college coaches and they’ve offered all three of them at the same time. And we just look at each other and shake our heads like, this is really weird,” Michele said.

Less surprising when you find out mom was a pretty good athlete herself, she even went to nationals in gymnastics at age 14.

With Maddie being the youngest, this will be the McNeil family’s last time here. One last chance at one more state title.

“Really bittersweet, especially for my mom,” Maddie said.

“As long as I can watch them play, I’m OK,” Michele said.