By Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — When Everett Diemert woke up, he knew he had quite a manic Monday ahead of him.

He works at Hallberg Marine in Wyoming. There were a whole lot of boats that required snow removal.

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“We are going to have another long winter like last year,” Diemert said.

Denise Tetrault says they knew the storm was coming, but it just wasn’t possible to get all the boats inside in time.

“It affects storage. It takes a lot of people to take some of the snow off the boats so they don’t get damaged,” Tetrault said.

Jesse Schwartz can empathize. His job requires him to remove all that white stuff.

“Just finished our fall clean-ups for, you know, the fall leaves and stuff and, yeah, did not expect this much snow, not at all,” Schwartz said. “Only in Minnesota, right?”

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But as brutal as the weather can be, the people around here are even tougher.

“We go until it stops and then we get to go home and take a nap and come back out again,” he said.

Spinouts, pile ups and dig outs also made Monday live up to its reputation. Amanda Peterson works at a Wyoming bank, and admits she wasn’t ready — emotionally or physically.

“I tried going to lunch too and I could not get my car out, so I gave up and went back inside,” Peterson said. “Minnesota weather’s just crazy.”

Peterson didn’t even have a hat or gloves with her. She blames it on denial.

“I didn’t believe the weather forecasters before I woke up this morning,” she said. “We went from nothing to a foot of snow. That’s just insane.”

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Ready or not, winter has arrived.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield