MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — On Monday we got the snow.

“I got out of work early just to come home and work some more,” said Rob Adams of Isanti.

On Tuesday we got the cold, and it doesn’t plan on leaving us anytime soon. These November temperatures are about 20-degrees below normal. That means extra layers for bikers.

“There’s never a bad time to ride, just bad preparation,” said bicyclist Guy Still.

And extra layers for walkers and their pets.

“My feeling was the fall was so wonderful I’m willing to pay the price now for this cold weather,” said dog walker Drake Anderson.

And it could be a record-setting price. We are on pace to have 13-consecutive days of subfreezing temperatures.

That would be the second-longest streak for November, just missing the 15-day streak set way back in 1880.

“Last November we had three days of high temperatures in the 20s,” said WCCO meteorologist Lauren Casey. “One day with high temperatures in the teens.”

Lauren says November cold snaps aren’t too rare. Even with an overnight wind chill dipping below zero, she says things can change.

“I don’t think this recent cold snap or the impending cold snap is going to reflect upon how bad the winter, or the upcoming winter is going to be,” Lauren said.

Regardless, Nick Osteraas and Kelsey Kuno are still doing what they love for the time being.

“I’m not ready for the winter to hit in so I’m pretending it’s not cold,” Kuno said.

That means fishing for muskies in Lake Harriet. They’re reeling in winter the only way they know how.

“We’re pretty hardcore today,” Osteraas said. “We want to catch a muskie before ice up.”

It looks like this below-average streak could come to an end right before Thanksgiving. But then again, we could always get hit with another cold snap and just break that 134-year-old record altogether.

John Lauritsen