MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — We all need to exercise, but it’s pretty easy to find an excuse to skip a workout if you don’t have a gym, or if you’re going to the wrong one.

Whether basic, big box, or boutique — not all are created equal. Small health clubs — like Snap and Anytime Fitness — offer a no-frills workout. They never shut off the lights.

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“Obviously we’re open anytime. That’s 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, even on holidays. So you can workout when it meets your schedule,” said Mark Daly of Anytime Fitness.

The founders built their concept on the complaints of gym-goers.

“Ninety percent of loyal fitness club members used only 10 percent of a club. And people don’t want to pay for what they’re not using,” he said.

With the 10 percent, you get weights, cardio machines, limited private shower rooms and no lines.

An average membership at Anytime Fitness is $40 per month. And if you join one club, you have access to any of the 3,000 others worldwide.

Big-box clubs like the YMCA have it all, and can cater to groups and families.

“The concept of the YMCA is really to provide opportunities for all people, all ages,” said Greg Hanks of the Southdale YMCA.

Beyond weights and cardio machines, members have access to pools, courts and group fitness classes from archery to Pilates. And if you have kids, no problem.

“We have the largest childcare program in the state,” Hanks said.

An individual membership at the YMCA costs $66. But it gets a lot cheaper per person if a few family members use the club. Family memberships cost $122.

If you have a fear of commitment, boutique gyms offer single or package programs. There is no commitment and no contract needed.

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Locally owned, The Firm has large locker rooms and standard equipment, but is popular for classes.

“We have cycle, we have Crossfit, we have yoga, studio and personal training — all under one roof with one membership,” said Doug Melroe of The Firm.

These boutique gyms, often found in neighborhoods, offer culture.

“We make, you know, working out an event and make it fun. It’s the kind of place where at the end of the day, you can’t wait to get here,” he said.

A monthly membership at The Firm will cost you $125, but a bundle of five classes is $85.

Other boutique gyms are even more specific, founded on one discipline like Barre, Pilates or yoga. Corepower Yoga is all yoga, done in different ways depending on the class you take. Like The Firm, there’s no commitment.

“The typical client, you know, they are looking for something fun, they are driven by groups. We get all types of people,” said Amanda Ford of Corepower Yoga. “You don’t have to sign up online, nothing ahead of time. We make it really easy just to walk in, pick a class online, walk in and do yoga.”

An unlimited membership at Corepower Yoga is $139 monthly, or you can buy a single class for $20.

These boutique gyms can be mixed and matched, and you only pay for what you use.

“People like to jump around a little bit. So, some people might have a membership at another club, but they still want to come here and do some classes,” Melroe said.

Many gyms run specials at the start of the year, so be sure to ask before signing up.

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And if you want to workout for free, there’s always the great outdoors!