By Heather Brown

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Carol from Deer River wants to know: Can you recycle plastic bags in Minnesota?

“Yes, you can recycle plastic bags, you just can’t do it at home,” said Jen Cavalier, program manager for the “It’s in the Bag” program in Dakota County.

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Most cities and municipalities do not accept plastic bags in their single stream because it can get caught in the equipment and jam up the machines. But you can drop off the bags at select retailers (like Target and grocery stores), county recycling centers and drop-off locations with the Recycling Association of Minnesota’s “It’s in the Bag” program.

Some of those bags will end up at the ProAct facility in Eagan, where it’s sorted by people with disabilities. From there, it ends up at specific recyclers, who can recycle the bags. Ultimately, most of the bags are made into decks, railing and other lumbers.

Dennis from St. Paul asked: How are the city mileage signs measured on the highways?

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According to MNDoT, the mileage is from city center to city center. In larger cities, there is some wiggle room on the precise location of a city’s center, but it’s generally accurate.

Robin from Coon Rapids wants to know: How does LEGO make the huge structures at the Mall of America?

“They are designed and built by the LEGO Master Builders out of the Model Shop at the U.S. Headquarters in Enfield, Connecticut, and shipped across the country,” said Karen Nolan, a spokesperson for LEGO.

The structures are designed and built by LEGO “Master Builders,” of which there are only eight in the country. They use computer programs to draft the models, then build smaller versions.

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According to the LEGO website, “After making sure everything lines up and their design is as amazing and sturdy as they hoped, they take a deep breath, cross their fingers and start on the bigger one.”

Heather Brown