MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The dating scene can be tough: The fix-ups, the online profiles, the chit-chat at bars.

But a new service called Sparkstarter hopes to make it more fun, by turning your friends into matchmakers.

The premise is that the single people hang out at the bar, while their friends confer with each other to judge romantic suitability, hopefully finding mates for their mates.

A dating card contains information about the bachelor or bachelorette who the friendly matchmakers are representing.

Sparkstarter launched Thursday evening at Bar 508 in downtown Minneapolis.

WCCO’s Kim Johnson hosted the event and also let her morning show colleague Jamie Yuccas serve as her yenta during the proceedings.

“Are you ready to find me a husband, girl?” Johnson asked from the stage

Tony Kramer, a Minnesota native, who met his wife through a friend, founded the service as an alternative to online dating and the bar scene.

“You should be thinking during the process about who is a good match for your friend–not you,” Johnson told the crowd.


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