MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The body of a missing 19-year-old man from Eagan has been found.

Elijah Buchanan went missing two weeks ago after police say he fled home after a family disturbance.

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Dakota County Authorities found his body in a wooded area of Patrick Eagan Park Saturday. His mother, Melanie Buchanan, says they found him less than a half mile from their home.

“It’s just not what we wanted to hear at this time,” Melanie said. “It’s very hard for our family.”

Ken Buchanan, Elijah’s father, says his son was acting strange the night of Nov. 28, causing damage inside the home.

When Ken called police, he says that’s when Elijah ran out of the house and disappeared into the woods.

“We have to really seek through things we don’t understand to figure out what happened, but we’ve lost our little boy,” Ken said. “But he’s in the very good hands of God, so we’re going to have to just grieve through that right now.”

Elijah’s family say Saturday’s search was the fourth inside Patrick Eagan Park, which covers more than 94 acres.

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Shortly before Elijah’s body was found, his family was gathering with friends and strangers at their home, giving out flyers and spreading word to bring Elijah home.

“I just found a message that he had left me not too long ago that says, ‘Mom you’re the best mom in all the world and I love you so much,'” Melanie said. “I mean he is just such a sweet kid.”

The Buchanan family is relying on the prayers of the community, and their strong faith, to get them through this time.

“I do have peace that he’s with the lord and he’s home. He’s not home with the family, but he’s home in heaven with the loved ones there and he is at peace,” Melanie said.

Elijah’s family says his body was found naked, and his clothes were lying next to his body. He didn’t have any shoes with him.

They say he had been acting very strange before his disappearance, and they wondered if he was having some kind of a reaction from his new medication to treat ADHD.

The preliminary investigation indicates that Elijah died from exposure to cold weather.

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Eagan Police say while no foul play is expected, this is still an open investigation.

Kate Raddatz