MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – This weekend’s winter warm-up gave Minnesota golfers extra time on the green, though the rainy weather wasn’t as kind to Minnesota roads.

“If there’s no snow on the ground and it’s December in Minnesota, you have got to get out and play golf,” said Dave Miller.

Oak Marsh Golf Course announced on Saturday they would be open Sunday, and tee-times were booked in 90 minutes.

“We got 120 players in, and we turned away over 200, at least,” said Steve Whillock, General Manager of the Oak Marsh Golf Course. “We’ll open even if there’s snow in the bunkers, or snow you have to walk over–as long as the greens are clear, and we don’t do any major damage to the golf course.”

While golfers took advantage of the warmer temperatures, those on the ice had to be extra careful, as temperatures hit 50 degrees for the third day in a row.

Rain on Monday prevented the Department of Transportation from pre-treating the roads.

“We haven’t been out doing a lot of pre-treating in this weather,” said Kevin Gutknecht, MnDOT’s Director of Communications. “When it rains, it just kind of washes it down the drain. Once the cold comes in and starts to ice up, we’ll be out there putting down salt.”

MnDOT said that once salt is down, the traffic will help the salt work better and the temperatures Tuesday morning will be ideal for the salt to work well.

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