MINNAEPOLIS (WCCO)Boneyard Kitchen and Bar announced it will be closing next week, just nine months after opening.

On the restaurant’s Facebook page, Boneyard said its final day will be Dec. 24. It’s the latest Uptown restaurant to shut down this year, after Grey House and Bar Abilene.

“People want to go to the new place,” said Josie Franske, food editorial assistant for Minnesota Monthly. “Once a place isn’t brand new anymore, if it isn’t their go-to, they’re not going to go there anymore.”

Franske says Uptown restaurants have an added challenge in trying to draw in a younger crowd with hip concepts, but still keep their prices low. She says Boneyard might have had better luck in the suburbs.

“Once October hits, filling a patio until March is impossible,” Franske said.

For customers, they say it all comes down to the dining experience.

“I just thought I’ll be surprised if it stays open,” said Esther Osayande of Minneapolis. “This is supposed to be based off Southern cuisine. Well, I know it is not.”

With Southern food out, Mexican food is in. Salsa A La Salsa will open its third location in Boneyard’s place.

The owner of Boneyard, Kaskaid Hospitality, is partnering with Salsa A La Salsa, with the new location expected to open in January.

Kate Raddatz


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