MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Drivers are calling it a Christmas miracle.

It has been five years since gas prices dipped below $2 per gallon. Now, there’s one gas station in the Twin Cities at that price, and there’re a few more around the state.

Drivers said this is the perfect time to have a drop in the price because so many people are traveling for the holidays. Whether you’re going a short or a long distance, it all adds up.

“It’s a Merry Christmas, that’s for sure,” Tyronne McCormick said.

All it took was the sign at the BP at 36th and Lyndale in Minneapolis to hit $1.99 to spread some holiday cheer.

“It’s $1.99 so it’s amazing, it’s crazy,” McCormick said. “I’m going down south, so it’s perfect timing.”

“It’s kind of a Christmas miracle, right?,” said Abbe Ceynar. “I had to stop and get some gas. Luckily I needed some, but you can’t pass that up.”

Ceynar could barely believe the price. She had to snap a picture.

“I have to prove it to everybody that that’s the price I got,” Ceynar said.

Doug Wychoff, in from Kansas to celebrate the holiday, was all smiles at the pump.

“We’ll probably save $75 on gas for the trip,” Wychoff said. “It’s 1,000 miles back and forth, so it’s $75. Works for me.”

“That’s the difference between making your rent and not making your rent,” Kenny Kormendy explained.

Kormendy owns a taxi and town car service. He dispatches the drivers.

“Simple, when the gas prices are down, you make some money,” Kormendy said. “When they’re way up, you’re working 90 hours a week just to sometimes break even.”

Whether people are traveling near or far, seeing $1.99 a gallon lit up on the sign has people cheering.

“Probably Grandma’s, or Bloomington. I can go a few places now!” Diane Anderson said.

To check out the lowest prices in your area, check out WCCO’s gas page.

Jennifer Mayerle

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