MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The bone-chilling cold Minnesotans woke up to Monday had drivers kicking cars that wouldn’t start and parents in the metro bundling kids up for the bus stop.

Temperatures in the Twin Cities during the early morning hours were around 10 below, and wind chills were a frigid 25 below. For hundreds of drivers, it caused headaches.

A AAA spokesperson said that by 8 a.m. the company had already received more than 200 service calls to jump start cars.

“Monday mornings are always the heaviest, because people tend not to drive their cars as much over the weekend,” said Gail Weinholzer of AAA. “So they have gas line freeze or develop battery issues.”

The cold was also a factor at the bus stop.

While last year Gov. Mark Dayton canceled classes due to frigid temperatures, no order was given Monday to keep kids out of school.

Parents expressed concern that their children had to wait in the cold for the bus. Some even drove their kids to the bus stop or to school.

Mother Ana Enriquez of Minneapolis said she was disappointed schools didn’t cancel classes.

In northern Minnesota, where air temperatures were even colder, and classes were canceled and delayed.

Relief from the cold won’t come until the weekend. Wednesday is even promising to be colder than Monday.