MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Many people started the New Year with a new goal of getting into shape. There are so many tools now to help you track your progress, like Fitbits.

Fitbits are just one brand of a device that tracks daily physical activity, weight and goals, by syncing with an app on your smart phone or tablet. So, with so many to choose from, Best Buy’s Alexandra LeBlanc Gets Us Movin’ by showing us which may be the best fit for you.

The most basic, at $59.99, is a Zip that tracks steps, distance and calories burned.

The One, which is a chip that can be put in a pocket or clipped on belt or The Flex, a wristband, can do all that plus tracks your sleep. It can track the hours and how deep of a sleep based on movement.

“Say you’re at a lighter sleep level 20 minutes before your alarm is set, it’s going to wake you up a little earlier because it’s easier for your body to wake up and start moving for the day if you’re in a light sleep,” LeBlanc said.

The wristband will also keep you up to speed on your goals.

“Double tap on the screen and it will show you what percent you are to your goal, there’s five dots and each dot will light up to show where you’re at so 20 percent, 40 percent 60 percent and so on,” LeBlanc said.

The chip or wristband costs $99.95. For $30 more you can get the Charge, which displays the time and includes a caller ID if someone calls during your workout.

The newest Fitbits released just this month are the Charge HR and Surge. Both monitor heart rates.

“It’s going to have a heart rate monitor on there for you so you’ll be able to hear when you increase or decrease your speed to maximize your workout,” she said. “The little LED sensor under the wristband can sense the blood flow so you don’t have to use the chest strap anymore. It’s all through the wristband.”

The Charge HR runs $150. The Surge is $250, but includes music control and notifications from your phone.

“This one will also allow you to receive texts and phone calls during a workout, so you can see who is calling you if you don’t have your phone near you, or who sent you a text message as well,” LeBlanc said.

Fitbit also sells a scale that measures weight, BMI, lean mass and body fat percentage.

“It’s going to work with the app on your phone, you step on your scale and it’s going to store that information,” she said. “You do need Wi-Fi in your house for this to connect to, to add this information to your app.”

Another feature is you can sync your Fitbit to your friends’ or family members’ so they can all view your account and you can view theirs.