MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Miss watching the DNR’s EagleCam? Well, now there’s a reason to flip it on.

Officials announced Tuesday that a pair of bald eagles has laid an egg in the nest the camera documents.

Over the next few days, the female eagle will lay up to four eggs, the DNR said. Then the incubation period begins, and that lasts about 35 days.

Usually, Minnesota eagles lay their eggs in March. But the DNR said this pair is unusual and will have to keep vigilant watch over their chicks, especially if temperatures dip below zero.

This is the third year the EagleCam will watch over the nest, officials said. In the first year, no hatchlings were produced, but in the second year nearly three chicks were raised to fledging.

One of those chicks suffered an injury to its elbow. Officials then intervened and decided to euthanized it.

The location of the EagleCam is kept a secret in order to protect the birds.

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