MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — After six days of testimony and more than 50 witnesses on stand, the fate of Brian Fitch Sr. will soon be in the hands of jurors.

They will likely begin deliberating on Monday, and Minneapolis attorney Joe Tamburino doesn’t think it will take them long to reach a verdict.

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“I just don’t know what the defense is,” Tamburino said.

Tamburino points to the evidence, BCA scientists were able to match DNA swabs taken from a 9-millimeter pistol to Fitch’s profile.

They also found his DNA inside the Grand Am that Officer Patrick pulled over when he was shot.

“In a case like this where there’s so much evidence against the defendant, I’m sure what the defense attorney is focusing on is just trying to challenge any evidence that could be challenged.”

Tamburino said audios and visuals work in favor of the prosecution, like the dash cam video of Officer Patrick being shot.

On Thursday, the jury also observed eyewitness audio and video of the shootout that Fitch had with police right before he was taken into custody.

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A finger print expert also testified that Fitch’s prints were found on a hand-drawn map.

Prosecutors said Fitch gave the map to an inmate last month, hoping to place a hit on two people who would testify against him.

Tamburino said the change of venue from Dakota to Stearns County, will likely have little impact on the final verdict.

“In today’s world with the way the media and news is, it really doesn’t matter if the case is going to be in Dakota County or Duluth or Brainerd,” he said. “People are going to know about it no matter what.”

Outside the courthouse in St. Cloud, supporters gathered to remember Officer Patrick during the trial. The group wanted to show support for all law enforcement officers by marching and carrying sings to say thank you for their service and protection.

“For the men and women that are out there every single day risking their lives. We just really wanted to show our support,” march organizer Nichole Alder said.

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Last year, Officer Patrick was one of 47 police officers killed by gunfire in the line of duty in the U.S.

John Lauritsen