LUCK, Wis. (WCCO) – It’s a little warmer today if you’re lucky enough to be Goin’ to the Lake.

Amelia Santaniello and Mark Rosen are in Luck, Wis. for the town’s annual Winter Carnival.

They went out to Wilkins Bone Lake Resort, just a few miles out of town, a popular spot in both the summer and the winter. The lake is well known for its big muskies, and quite a few people were out ice fishing this week.

Amelia and Mark went out to discover a few of the community’s great local businesses.

The first stop was Café Wren, where Mark and Amelia found a great menu of fresh made soups, salads and sandwiches. The owner Stephanie really works hard to use fresh, local ingredients and it shows.

“If you’re ever in this area, we highly, highly recommend making a stop here,” Amelia said. “Everything we had there was delicious, from the sweet potato soup to the ham and brie sandwich.”

The Local Fare At Cafe Wren

With Mark out of commission thanks to an unfortunate skiing injury, Amelia had to find some new companions for a snowshoeing adventure on a nearby golf course.

“It’s very peaceful,” she said. “Just the sound of the snow crunching.”

She was accompanied by kids from the Luck Schools – the district used a wellness grant to buy snowshoes for students to use in the winter.

Mark spent some time with the kids of Luck, too, despite the boot on his foot. Check it out for yourself.

Snowshoeing With New Friends

The best part about doing these trips is getting to share all these great places with our viewers, and one of those places is Van Meter Meats right in downtown Luck. They make all their own sausages and brats, and have a great selection.

The shop has been in town for decades and is a favorite stop for folks heading to their lake homes or cabins in the area.

Their bacon is a big seller, but they also sell a lot of grilling meats like steaks, burgers and brats.

And as Mark and Amelia found out, they also make some great meat sticks and jerky.

Van Meter Meats In Luck

Amelia and Mark headed to Wilkins’ Bone Lake Resort. Even though Mark injured himself cross-country skiing, nothing could stop him from climbing aboard a snowmobile for some hi-octane fun on the lake.

Wilkins is also known for their pizza, and they’ll actually take their snowmobile out and deliver pizza right to your fish house!

Snowmobiling On Bone Lake

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