MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The St. Paul City Council wants to clear up confusion for drivers around the Como Park area.

Council member Amy Brendmoen wants to change Horton Avenue to Como Avenue. She says it’s an overdue renaming of the city’s street grid.

“Como Avenue, when it meets Hamline, suddenly changes names to Horton,” Brendmoen said. “I think back in the day, Como took a turn to the southeast at that intersection and connected to a short road that’s called ‘Como Avenue’ as well.”

Brendmoen says if we continue the name “Como Avenue” through the park as one piece, it can help drivers stay on course. It’s an idea worth considering according to some neighbors.

“You can see why people get incredibly confused because they’re driving on the same road and then all of sudden they find they’re on Van Slyke, then they find they’re on Horton, then they find they’re Chatsworth, then they get back on to Como,” Como Park resident Ron Okenfuss said.

Sherry Lampman, who also lives across from Como Park, says she’ll often get knocks on her door in the summertime from confused drivers.

“People stop by and ask for directions,” Lampman said.

There are already a number of streets with some variation of the “Como” name in the Como Park area, such as Como Place, Como Lane, Como Boulevard and Como Lake Drive – all of which add to the confusion.

“With 4 million visitors a year, that’s a lot of confused people,” Brendmoen said.

She is also recommending changes to another street named Como Avenue in the south end of the park. It would be changed to “Wynne Avenue,” and Gateway Drive would be changed to “Nagasaki Road.”