MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Here’s a look at the four most notable stories you need to know about for the morning of Friday, Feb. 27.

Possible Homeland Security Shutdown

Congress has less than a day to pass a bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security. The current spending bill expires at midnight.

House Republicans agreed to push forward a short term bill without language reversing President Obama’s executive action on immigration.

If approved, the measure would then go to the Senate for final passage and would push the shutdown off until March.

Minnesota officials have publicly expressed concern over the situation.

Wild & Gophers Win

The State of Hockey has reason to celebrate this morning: The Wild and Gophers both pulled off wins!

The Wild took down the best team in the NHL, the Nashville Predators, 4 to 2. They’re now in the seventh playoff position and play in Colorado Saturday night.

The Gophers rallied from a 3-goal deficit to beat Michigan State, 5 to 3, at Mariucci Arena.

If the Gophers win again Friday night, it would give coach Don Lucia the most wins in Gophers coaching history.

#TheDress Debate

Not since “less filling” vs. “tastes great” has there been a debate this all-consuming. One little cocktail party dress is getting the whole world to throw drinks in other people’s faces.

The question of whether a dress posted on Tumblr is blue and black or whether it’s white and gold has everyone drawing clear lines in the sand.

Kanye West Apology

It may come 18 days later, but Kanye West in apologizing.

On Twitter, Kanye posted this:

You may remember Kanye went up on the Grammys stage and almost interrupted best-album winner Beck, who took the award over Beyoncé … but he stopped.

Many thought it was joke alluding to when he did that to Taylor Swift. But it turned out, West was serious.