MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Not since “less filling” vs. “tastes great” has there been a debate this all-consuming. One little cocktail party dress is getting the whole world to throw drinks in other people’s faces.

The question of whether a dress posted on Tumblr is blue and black or whether it’s white and gold has everyone drawing clear lines in the sand.

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The Tumblr user said that she and her friends couldn’t agree on what colors the dress was, and asked everyone else to weigh in. The Tumblr user, reportedly Caitlin McNeill from the Herbrides islands off Scotland, says her friend was getting married and the mother of the bride sent a photo of the dress to see if she liked it.

The rest, as they say, is viral history.

McNeill did post another picture of the dress, and confirmed that the maker of the dress is Roman Originals. For the record, the company makes one version of the dress in blue and black, one in white and black, but none in white and gold.

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They’ve even started advertising the dress as #TheDress.

(credit: Roman Originals)

(credit: Roman Originals)


Our CBS affiliate in Philadelphia posted a commentary by Dr. Brian McDonough, in which he reasons: “Essentially, when we see color, it’s what we perceive it to be. For instance, an apple is not necessarily red. What it really is, is reflecting the wavelengths we see as red and absorbing all the rest. That’s what gives it the red color in our eyes. And it is our retina which has rods and cones which help make these images.

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“For some people, based on the background and the color and the lighting, they will perceive different colors in the same object.”