MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Minnesota State Patrol officer in northwestern Minnesota is being hailed as a “Super Trooper” after an encounter with an elderly man earlier this week.

Sgt. Sylvia Maurstad spotted an elderly man driving after his license was canceled, so she followed him to town.

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At a local cafe, Maurstad told him he knew he couldn’t be driving. He explained that he had no food at his house and went to the diner to get some breakfast. That’s when Maurstad sprang into action.

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Maurstad took the man to the bank and got money so he could pay for his breakfast, then she took him to the DMV to find out what could be done about his driver’s license. After that, she arranged a meeting at the county social services office to meet with someone who could help him further.

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Before bringing him home, Maurstad bought him groceries and arranged for someone to drive him around town and help him out with his day-to-day activities.

Jennifer Mayerle