MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Here’s a look at the four most notable stories you need to know about for the morning of Monday, March 1, 2015.

LAPD Fatal Shooting Caught On Tape

A deadly Los Angeles police shooting was caught on camera.

A man many describe as homeless was shot and killed by police during a confrontation in the city’s Skid Row area. The LAPD says the suspect reached for an officer’s weapon while resisting arrest.

Witnesses protested the man was already subdued when officers shot him.

The video is on social media and is very graphic.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu To Give Address To Congress

A clash of world views between President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is heating up in D.C.

Obama is giving an interview to Reuters as a type of pre-emptive strike to Netanyahu’s address to congress.

Netanyahu will address a joint session Tuesday, pressing his case against an emerging deal on Iran’s nuclear program.

There are no plans for Obama to meet with Netanyahu while he’s in Washington.

Skydiver Suffering Seizure Saved

A dramatic video of a skydiver being rescued during a free fall is going viral Monday morning.

A helmet-mounted camera shows a man jumping from a plane in Australia before suffering a seizure seconds into the dive. You then see the man’s instructor trying to grab a hold of him in freefall to deploy the parachute.

The rip cord is pulled and the landing was quote “uneventful.”

Man Covered In Mentos Jumps Into Coke-Filled Tub

A man covered in Mentos jumps into a bathtub filled with Coke Zero. The results are pretty much to be expected.

The video is trending on YouTube with more than 6 million views. (Watch video above!)