MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Fashion Week is taking over Milan and spring break is just around the corner, so WCCO This Morning is celebrating a full week of fashion fun

As models walk the runways across Europe in places like Milan and Paris, WCCO’s Ali Lucia takes you inside ASI Museum shop for a trunk show filled with color and creativity.

“I usually have about ten different hats I am working on at any given time,” Anna Lee, owner and designer of Ruby3 Hats, said.

The hats and head pieces are all made by Lee, a St. Paul based milliner and designer whose eye for fedoras and fashion started early on.

“Why Hats?” Lee said. “I’ve always loved hats since I was a little girl.”

While working at Target she keeps her part time passion alive through her business and makes it a goal to put together about three different lines a year.

“This is where I get to work with more the sculptural elements in with a basic hat. This is where I have quite a bit of fun,” Lee said.

You can’t have hats without mittens and that’s Mona White’s specialty.

“I’ve been sewing at a machine ever since I was 5-years-old,” White said.

From her Minneapolis basement, she’s sewn all kinds of things.

Her first New Year’s themed mitten for her daughter was a big hit. That’s when she realized these hand warmers had staying power. The glitzy winter apparel isn’t just for a night out, but rather those cold winter nights when you might be cheering on your favorite team.

Two creators with one thing in common.

“They’re simple, they’re easy to work with and it’s something you produce and it’s done in a short span of time,” said Mona.

“Right now, I’m really able to focus on creating just a small side business that gratifies my heart,” Lee said.

The mittens are $23 and the hats vary in price depending on style.

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