MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – If you’re heading to the State Boys’ Hockey tournament you will see some of the best teams in the state.

You will also see some of the best hockey hair in the state.

Don’t look now but the mullet and all its awesomeness has made a comeback.

Teams are turning back the clock in hopes that the mullet will bring them good luck.

New Prague lost in the first round, but not really. Because with a team full of mullets, how can you lose?

We called Wyatt Skok, Kyle Skaja and Ryan Killian the “Three Mulleteers.”

“I use Biolage shampoo,” Skok said.

Skok’s mullet is so amazing it caught the attention of renowned Twin Cities hair stylist Denny Kemp, who said he runs a mullet-free establishment.

“I pass those on to other people,” he said.

As he watched his television and saw mullet after mullet skate by at New Prague’s introductions, Kemp wasn’t that impressed.

“That one’s just average — let’s put it at a 5,” he said, apprehending an inferior mullet: “That’s getting more like a 3 on a scale of 1 to 10.”

But when Skok came skating up to the camera for his introduction — all business on top and party in the back — he got Kemp’s respect.

“He knows how to carry himself,” Kemp said. “He looks happy.”

Skok agreed with that assessment.

“I skated up and I was like, “Oh, this feels great,'” Skok said. “There’s nothing up top, but the back just feels great.”

The New Prague players said they did this for team-bonding.

And it obviously worked because they won their consolation game on Thursday.

By the end of our story, Kemp was so impressed that he is offering half-off mullet haircuts during the boys’ state hockey tournament.

That special will run through Saturday.

John Lauritsen

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