For many American families, adoption is an abstract concept.

These are the families who can take it for granted that they can conceive when they are ready and start their families how, and when, they wish.

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But for a large number of other families, adoption is a reality.

There isn’t just one reason that couples choose to adopt, but for some adoption is their only choice. While the end result is something all couples know is worth the wait, the wait is often times fraught with anxiety, stress, sadness and sometimes grief.

This is something Joey Famoso and Joe Morales know all too well.

(credit: Joey Famoso and Joe Morales)

(credit: Joey Famoso and Joe Morales)

In April 2014, the couple began their adoption journey.

In October they were matched with a birth mother and were able to connect with her in the three weeks prior to her due date.

Just two days before Thanksgiving, Famoso and Morales helped welcome a baby girl into the world. But just nine hours later they were informed the birth mother had changed her mind. The baby would not be going home with them.

After a tough holiday season, the couple decided they would continue on and find the child that was meant to be theirs. But they wanted to take a different approach.

(credit: Joey Famoso and Joe Morales)

(credit: Joey Famoso and Joe Morales)

So, they created their adoption video “Dear Future Baby.

Dear future baby, here’s a few things you need to know…

“We knew we had to do something different. And on that couch we were talking about (how) we’re going to create a video and how do we make our video different,” Morales said. “What is going to set our video apart?”

The video they created is a parody of Megan Trainor’s “Dear Future Husband.”

“I think is that the song, especially the beat, transcends demographics within age,” Famoso said. “I think it’s just really a nice great beat that someone who is older as well as little child can enjoy.”

Trainor’s song spouts off a list of things that her future man will need to do in order to keep her happy. So, Famoso and Morales played off that idea.

We won’t let you cry. Always keep you dry. Even when ya diaper makes us wanna freaking die…

“In our wordsmithing, we kind of brought it to be everything about us doing for he or she,” Morales said.

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Famoso and Morales worked together to make sure the lyrics were fun but also included everything they would want a future birth mother, and their future, child to know.

We will treat ya right. Give you the perfect life. Buying what you need, buy-buying your binkies…

Then, Morales found a Minnesota-based recording company to put together the video and audio, and create the end result that would hopefully connect them with a future birth mother.

“Our number one goal is for the future birth mother to see this and say ‘Oh, my gosh, I love them. They are the ones,'” Morales said.

We know just how to treat you like a baby, even when you’re acting cranky. We’ll make everything alright…

Yet, while the video helped the couple through the healing process there was still a bit of hesitation. After creating the concept, Famoso and Morales debated at length about whether or not to include it on their profile.

“We’re … talking about a situation where the mom changed her mind. And people that don’t fully know don’t understand why. So, could that turn a birth mother off?” Morales said.

But in the end they decided that if they were going to share their story, they would share all of it.

“It’s the truth. It is our story,” Morales said. “If we’re going to do this we’re going to have to totally be honest and not omit something that is the catalyst of the song.”

“It was really important just for us to be genuine in our story,” Famoso said. “To share the good as well as the bad.”

You will never feel that you’re not loved, cause you’re gonna know we love you each and every night…

Soon, what started out as simply a way for one couple to stand out led to a song that helped heal a family and a story that helped inspire others around the country.

“I think we were in a time, when the adoption fell through, very alone, very scared, very frustrated with the whole process. And if we could also share that experience with other people so they don’t feel that way as well, that is also another great thing to take away from this as well,” Famoso said.

“I think that there is something to be said about the amount of positive response, energy, prayers,” Morales said. “To have that much energy in the universe, and I know that sounds super kitschy, but it’s motivating. It’s inspiring. It’s neat.”

Cause you’re gonna be our one and only all our life.

The couple is still waiting to be matched with another birth mother, but they feel strongly that they will find the woman who will give them their child.

“Why give up?” Morales said. “We haven’t given up on other things in our lives.”

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And when they do, they can’t wait to show them the video that helped lead them to each other.