MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Gym clothes this spring are no longer just for the gym.

“Now you can really go shopping and have clothes that are very transitional. From work out to lunch with your friends to picking your kids up from school,” Ali Holman, from Corecamper.com said. “Where you just feel put together even in your fitness clothes.”

But this spring’s fitness fashion still serves a purpose.

“This is Christine. I have her in a Nike Epic Run tight and it’s one of my favorite tights because it has this core re-enforcement. The band is extra wide holding in the core. It’s one of the most comfortable workout pant for all women,” Holman said.

Another trend in pants is longer capris.

“A lot of women don’t like the capri that stops at the knee because they feel like it cuts their leg off right in the middle. So, if you want to have the great capri look but also elongate your legs, this is a really great look,” she said.

Tie dye and busy prints are also making a comeback.

“A lot of people think, ‘I don’t want to wear a print because I’m not that comfortable with my lower body.’ [But] it really is a flattering tight all the way down, but also very thin. Great for spring. You can work out in these and go to lunch,” Holman said.

For tops, say goodbye to the boxy t-shirt or boring tank.

“What I like about this shirt is you tie it on the side so it really gives you a nice waist, you know. You’re not just wearing a t-shirt without a waist, so it gives you a nice cinched waist,” Holman said.

Got a sexy back? Show it off!

Holman says backless shirts are also popular.

“When you see her from the front she has a nice gray shirt on that’s very thin and that that looks very nice on her. But when she turns around that’s when you see this great detailing,” she said.

Headbands are another way to tie an outfit together.

“If you don’t feel like fixing your hair, but you want to look put together, you can throw on a colorful head band,” Holman said. “You really coordinate with your outfit.”

Guys are not left out when it comes to spring fashion. Holman says more men are choosing tights without shorts.

“I think a lot of guys are nervous about doing it, but I’m here to say I’m giving my okay that you can wear tights to run as long as you’re comfortable. [And] as long as they fit, you’re good to go,” she said.