MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The St. Paul Hotel’s six Waterford crystal chandeliers received some spring cleaning Monday.

Crews lowered the 115-year-old chandeliers from the lobby ceiling nearly to the floor Monday morning where three workers used a special cleaner and soft cotton cloths to clean them.

It’s supervised by Housekeeping Supervisor Rajpati Eddie, known by everyone at the hotel for the past 33 years as Ms. Eddie.

“You have to actually clean every little crystal hanging down on there from top to bottom,” Eddie said.

One person is designated to clean each chandelier. It can two three to four hours just for one to be cleaned.

Following a few hours of gentle wiping and buffing there’s a striking difference in the lobby.

“You can see the golden glow of those tiny light bulbs shining through these strands of crystal like you’d never believe. It’s just a sparkling glow,” Eddie said.

Of the six chandeliers at the St. Paul Hotel four are originals. The others, installed in a 1982 renovation, are almost exact duplicates.