MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It’s April Fools’ Day, so if you hear something that sounds like it should’ve been among our 4 Things To Know for Wednesday but is not listed below, take that news with a grain of salt.

Wednesday Is Pranksters’ Delight

April Fools’ Day is that holiday where we celebrate by trying to make fools out of our friends and family.

For instance, don’t get fooled by Caribou Coffee’s “8-hour blend,” which is supposed to stay hot for eight full hours. Also, don’t make a beeline to buy Duluth Trading Company’s new “magnetic fire hose work pants.”

Ely has long been one of Minnesota’s most reliable April Fools’ prank-pulling hotspots. This year, they are choosing April 1 to announce the city council passing an ordinance making the city a “no drone zone.”

On Tuesday, Heather Brown dug into how April Fools’ Day got its start. Also, we’ve put together a list of the most memorable April Fools’ pranks ever.

Religious Freedom Bill Passes In Arkansas

Companies like Walmart are already speaking out against the legislation before Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson would be expected to sign it into law.

At the same time, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence now wants lawmakers to come up with a fix for his state’s controversial religious freedom law by the weekend.

Critics say the laws allow businesses to withhold services from gays and lesbians.

‘Make It Work’ At MOA

“Project Runway” host Tim Gunn will return to the Mall of America at 6 p.m. Wednesday to sign copies of his new book: “Tim Gunn, the Natty Professor.”

It’s a collection of life lessons, drawing from his experiences on the hit show as well as other personal experiences.

Baby Born Without Nose Heads Home

Timothy Eli Thompson, or “Little Eli,” is making headlines Wednesday morning because of the extremely rare condition that affects only one in 197 million.

Nothing in ultrasounds or other prenatal checks showed the condition, a condition so rare there are only 37 known cases worldwide.

Otherwise, the Alabama baby is doing alright.