MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — An annual survey of prom spending finds teens will spend a staggering amount of money on those so-called “promposals,” or in other words, those elaborate ways to ask a sweetheart to the big dance.

The average cost, as found by Visa, was a whopping $324. That’s more than a third of what American teens plan to spend on the prom itself this spring — $919 overall, which is down 6 percent from last year.

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The biggest prom spenders are found in the northeast, where those surveyed forecast a total spend of close to $1,200 on average. That breaks down to $738 for prom night, and $431 for that “promposal.”

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The most frugal prom-goers are right here in the Midwest — with an average total spending budget of $733.

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Teens can save some money by sharing a limo with friends and taking their own pictures now that so many have smartphones.