MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – For the past few weeks, Barway Collins’ face has been on billboards over highways.

Dozens and dozens have searched for the missing boy and several Facebook communities have been established in his name.

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He’s had a powerful effect since he went missing, and the news of his death has moved strangers to tears.

The video footage of Barway, captured right before he disappeared, may factor into the emotional connection around the case, said psychologist Dr. Cheryl Bemel of Allina Health.

“It feels to some people watching it that they’re almost there with him, so it’s just very easy to connect,” Bemel said.

She said Barway’s age also makes it even harder to understand.

“It’s out of the natural order,” she said.

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Barway’s face has been on billboards for weeks. Children have seen it and children have searched for him.

“My recommendation is to tell kids what they ask, and you don’t need to go into more than they ask, because sometimes they don’t even want to know, but you want to be honest,” Bemel said.

She said comfort is also key.

“The take home message for kids is this is very, very rare,” she said. “It’s a highly unusual experience. The chance of it happening is close to none.”

She also suggests having children who are upset draw a picture or write a note for Barway.

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As for anyone else, she says it’s okay to feel as you do, and let the feelings of loss happen.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield