MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A 16-year-old from Norwood Young America is fighting for his life Tuesday night, but he’s not alone.

Charlie Rademacher got into a bad car crash Easter Sunday morning along County Road 51, just north of Highway 212.

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His parents said they don’t know how it happened, but authorities told them the car rolled seven times. Rademacher was thrown from the car and he’s been in the intensive care unit at Hennepin County Medical Center ever since and can’t yet breathe on his own.

Even though she hasn’t left her son’s side in the nine days he’s been in the intensive care unit, Kris Rademacher said she’s never missed him more.

“I’ll lean over and listen to his heart or I’ll use the stethoscope,” she said.

Rademacher’s parents said he’s a hard-worker. He was up before dawn Easter Sunday to go work for a nearby family farm in Norwood Young America when he crashed his car.

“The doctor told me he hurt every part of his body, from head to toe, in some way or another,” Kris Rademacher said.


“It’s all up to him how fast he wants to respond and recover,” Rademacher’s father, also named Charlie, said.

Every day, dozens of friends have been showing up for visiting hours, taking turns to see Charlie.

“When the kids come his heart rate slows, his blood pressure drops and he just looks peaceful,” his mother said.

Rademacher’s friend Mitchel Wickenhauser explained the support.

“How caring, overall how great he is — people see it, and they want to be there for him like he was for everybody else.” Mitchel said.

Rademacher is stable now but has a long road to recovery. His mother said he will have brain damage, but they won’t know the extent until he is awake.

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If you want to help, you can visit his GoFundMe page.