MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — When you see someone in a kilt, don’t you just have to ask why they’re in it? Usually there’s a connection to Ireland or Scotland. But really the overall theme is family.

Joseph Croft started Celtic Croft 20 years ago in his garage. Now, the independent store in Brooklyn Park specializes in traditional Scottish and Irish items.

It’s a business that keeps booming! The three generations running the store makes them Minnesotans to Meet.

The Kilt is a knee-length type of male skirt, an essential part of the Scottish national dress since the 18th century.

“Kilts are pleated in the back and smooth in the front,” Joseph said.

They come in all colors and patterns called a tartan.

“The word tartan basically means plaid. Scottish and Irish and some other nationalities have their own plaids. The plaid of the kilt is called a tartan,” Joseph said.

It’s that history and connection to family that has people coming into Celtic Croft.

“They like to feel connected to their ancestors and any little bit they can grab ahold of is just fascinating stuff for them,” Joseph Croft said.

Joseph started the business selling bagpipes 20 years ago.

“It started in the garage and an office in the bedroom,” Joseph said.

Seven years in, his wife, Lorie Croft, thought they should add kilts, family crests and tartans.

The couple’s seven kids all work either full- or part-time. Even their granddaughter, Ryanna has an office. She is the first to help customers who come in the door.

Two years ago, they broke $1 million and moved into a space in Brooklyn Park.

Business just keeps getting better. Even Hollywood is calling.

“We did Mike Myers for the Sean Connery tribute and we did the renaissance boots for an SNL skit,” Lorie said.

They’re now also the official tartan provider for the Starz network show, Outlander.

Most of their business is online, at festivals or done by word of mouth in the community.

The store donates some proceeds to military organizations.

Also, groups, like Kilted to Kick Cancer that raises awareness on male cancers, use the kilt to bring attention to their cause.