MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A small victory today for workers and supporters of a $15 per hour minimum wage at the airport.

After much discussion, the Metropolitan Airports Commission decided to wait 30 days before voting on any kind of increase.

It was standing room only inside the commission chambers as dozens waited their turn to talk wages.

For these airport workers, $15 per hour is what they feel they need to live. Many said they work so much just to exist, they have no time for life.

“You have to work two or three jobs and you really don’t have much of a life, and that’s really what we are asking for,” Kip Hedges said.”Let the low-wage workers at MSP live and not just survive.”

Many who spoke believe the proposal to pay them a dollar above state minimum wage is a slap in the face.

“Worst-case scenario would be that the MAC simply said $10 an hour minimum wage. That’s it, see ya,” Hedges said.

Most sign-toting supporters said it would be better to not vote and give MAC time to research a quality living wage for airport workers.

The commission voted to not vote on Monday but wait for a month and allow staff time to put together a proposal that works for the commission and airport workers.

Airport workers said they believe this is a positive first step.

They said they look forward to working with MAC to find a permanent solution for better wages at the airport.

Reg Chapman