MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — This time of year is when The WCCO Weather Team starts to really count on our weather watchers as severe weather becomes a threat. That’s why we’re really lucky to welcome Dustin Johnson as one of our newest members. He may be new to WCCO Weather Watching, but it’s been a passion of his as long as he can remember.

“I’m not sure exactly when he picked it up,” Karol Johnson, Dustin’s mom, said. “Maybe it was some storms or something that got him interested.”

Dustin is 28 years old and has autism.

“It’s something that is good for him to be able to do what anyone else can do,” Karol said. “We’re hoping that through this program he can learn more about the weather. And also maybe meet other weather watchers and people interested in the weather.”

It’s safe to say severe weather is Dustin’s favorite.

“When it’s really stormy outside he’ll come get us and tell us to get to the basement,” Karol said. “He’s mostly bored by the sunny cloudless days.”

And winter weather comes in last.

“I hate cold weather,” Dustin said. “When the temps dive down in the 30s and below zero, I hate that. I like warm weather like summer.”

But rain or shine or even snow, the WCCO Weather team can count on Dustin.


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