ST. PAUL (WCCO) — A 15-year-old St. Paul boy says he was attacked for trying to stick up for fast food workers who were being bullied by three customers.

Nikko Senn’s friends say they captured bits and pieces of the incident last Tuesday night at an east side Taco Bell on their cellphones. The videos show Senn bleeding from the head after he says one of the customers grabbed a tire iron and another beat him over the head with it.

Before he says things got out of hand, it was just a regular summer night in the neighborhood for the group of young boys.

“I’ve known the people down at the Taco Bell for seven-plus years, and they’re all really good people,” Senn said.

He says the customers — two men and a woman — started harassing the staff. His friends took out their phones to capture the incident on video, but Senn felt he needed to stand up and say something.

“If it had to happen again, I’d do it in a heartbeat,” he said.

He says before he had a chance to confront the group, one of the men started swinging. After a scuffle, he says the woman in the group went outside, grabbed a tire iron and the man used it to hit Senn over the head.

“That’s pretty low to do that to somebody,” Senn said.

The recording shows the staff offering Senn a chair and calling for an ambulance. Senn says the customers were still angry they were being recorded, punching a window just before they drove off.

Senn’s mother, Kristina Eide, is relieved he only suffered a concussion.

“They could have had anything — a knife, a gun,” Eide said. “I’m very proud of my son for having that kind of respect for people.”

Senn says he’s not deterred from hanging out at his favorite neighborhood spot, saying he’ll be back at the Taco Bell soon.