Last time I talked about a unique fermentation bar off Eat Street in Minneapolis, Gyst Fermentation Bar. If you travel further south on Nicollet, you’ll run into another one of my new favorite restaurants, Revival. Continuing with the theme of highlighting a few local eateries, this is a new place you will want to visit.

Revival is the second restaurant from Chef Thomas Boemer and business partner Nick Rancone. Their first restaurant is the highly reviewed Corner Table that moved down the street once the idea for Revival was born. While Corner Table offers a higher end dining experience, Revival is designed to be a more casual vibe with a Southern focused menu.

There’s no denying that Revival has killer fried chicken. It’s a tough call choosing between the Tennessee Hot and the traditional Southern Fried because they both have their positives (my advice: order both). They also have amazing sides like the creamy mac & cheese, fluffy biscuits served with just-a-tad-sweet sorghum butter, and smoky collard greens.

Before you fill up on all those hype-worthy items, let me suggest one menu item that is certified awesome: the burger. I know, I know, I’ve already declared the Parlour burger the best of all time, but there can be two bests, right?