MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Living in a home surrounded by family is the dream of two newlyweds who have been dacin. On Friday, that dream got a step closer to reality after they tied the knot in special ceremony.

David Daughtery married the love of his life, Jennifer Williams, in Father Hennepin Park today. A Minneapolis Police officer went above and beyond the call of duty to help make this day possible.

“I know that both of you have been tested with many hardships along the way but your love remained strong,” said Sgt. Katie Blackwell at the ceremony.

Daughtery and Williams have been waiting for this day for quite some time. The union is the end result of years of working together to overcome obstacles — they’re both homeless, living in a tent under a bridge in St. Paul.

“In the time I’ve known you, you’ve shown a very caring and compassionate and courageous side,” Sgt. Blackwell said to the couple in the ceremony. “It’s been fun chasing down bad guys with you.”

Daughtery was recognized by the Minneapolis Police Department for helping catch a group of young people who were stealing phones from people on Nicollet Mall. He was panhandling and dropped everything to help.

“I ran them about three or four blocks, caught them in a car parking ramp and took the phone from him,” Daughtery said.

Three years later, Daughtery was hoping to take Jessica as his wife, but there were many roadblocks.

“They really didn’t care about our situation or anything,” Daughtery said. “One church said we weren’t members of their church, and they couldn’t do it. We were just people off the street.”

It was Sgt. Katie Blackwell who stepped up and made it possible for this exchange of vows, and rings. She was ordained on line, so she could help someone who has helped others.

“It makes me feel good that David once helped us on the police department, and I can help him out,” Blackwell said.

Now that they’re married, they can get into a family shelter. The next step: jobs, temporary housing and eventually reuniting with Williams’ two children.

The newlyweds hope they get another break, and Daughtery finds work soon.

Reg Chapman