MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – On the first Sunday breweries in Minneapolis could sell growlers beer, Rep. Eric Paulsen appeared on WCCO Sunday Morning, saying he wants an excise tax cut for small breweries.

The congressman said he’s pushing for the cut to help more small, craft brewers get up and running. However, some big beer companies aren’t happy with Paulsen’s idea.

“We’ve had a little pushback from some of the larger breweries,” he said, “but the reality is that the craft brewing industry has grown so strong, with a lot of new jobs and entrepreneurs popping up all over the Twin Cities and Minnesota.”

Paulsen said his bill has bipartisan support and that there’s “definitely a shot” it’ll get through the Legislature.

“I think everyone recognizes that there’s definitely a trend and a movement towards supporting the craft brewing industry, small guys,” he said.