MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Summer officially begins this weekend which means allergy season is ramping up. But before you load up on pills, sprays and drops, Senia Mae, from Healing InSight in St. Paul Gets Us Movin’ with a few natural, alternative remedies to try.

Mae says our body has the capacity to hold onto a certain number of allergens without reacting, but when the barrel becomes full, we begin to suffer from symptoms.

To alleviate symptoms, people should decrease the number of allergens that we bombard our bodies with

For general relief, identify and remove products that could be irritating your body — food, chemicals, pollutants — and cleanse your liver. Mae suggests a DIY Cleansing Drink – contains lemon juice, sweetener, lemon and peppermint essential oils and water.

For general symptoms try astragalus or Chinese medicine herbal supplements, like AllerEase and Jade Windscreen.

For congestion, consider using a neti-pot with infused sea salt. Infused sea salt contains green myrtle and rosemary to clear sinuses and break up phlegm, balsam fir to prevent respiratory ailments and palmarosa and cedar.

If you are allergic to pollen, consume small amounts of raw, local honey or bee pollen daily. Add to food and beverages like tea, lemon water or oatmeal.

For allergy relief that lasts year to year, Mae suggests acupuncture can clear out your allergen barrel and make the barrel bigger so you can tolerate more allergens.

For more on Senia Mae’s alternative methods to combat allergies, click here.

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