MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Officials in St. Cloud say an emotional support service dog has been found after it was missing for about a day.

The St. Cloud Police Department said Opie, a white, lab-looking dog, was found Monday around midnight after he’d gone missing early that morning from the 400 block of 14th Street North.

Police say the service dog was found in the backyard of a home near 16th Avenue and 4th Street North.

Officials say Opie was OK, but a bit shaken up.

They added that he was still dragging the lawn chair he was leashed up to that morning.

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  1. Bonny Folkestad says:

    I am so glad Opie was found. My service dog escaped out an open door. Even with my disabilities I walked and walked. I could not find him. I was in tears and distraught as he was a country dog and now I was living in St Paul – Energy Park. The pain was too much and so I got in my truck to drive around. I decided to try the Humane Society across the tracks. There he was, Herby my Beagle. Also he was in one angry Asian Cops car. He said I had to wait as he had called Animal Control. The St Paul PD said I didn’t look for my dog, I didn’t care and that I let him just run the neighborhood.All not true. He said they put up signs about him. Not true also. I was so distraught by my dog running loose with cars and in pain from all the walking. The Officer said my dog bit a man and I needed to call them and apologize, handing me the phone number. The Animal control said this was nothing and no charges and he wouldn’t take him. I thought that was it and thought from the St Paul PD I’d get a first time warning or just be careful next time as Beagles are escape artists following their nose. I called the man that the Police said he bit. His girlfriend an ER nurse answered. She said he snapped at him, but the skin wasn’t broken and he was fine.They said they could tell he was scared. She also kept apologizing to me as by then, I realized I was being charged with dog at large and a bite. This was a nightmare and would never wish this on anyone. She would know, his girlfriend and an ER nurse. I was so scared for my dog, maybe if he had a chair attached to him things would have been different. the Officer wouldn’t let me even talk. I have a service dog for a reason and being verbally abused by an Officer for a bad day or because I was not Asian is not right and only compounded the trauma. Also I had just been laid off recently, so broke. The wrong address was on the ticket when it was mailed to me, so one day I get pulled over and arrested because I didn’t show in court by two squads. I had to pay him right there over $500 or go to jail. It goes on, but I have to say how kind the St Cloud Police Department was in helping return Opie. I bet the owner was just as distraught as I was and worried sick. What a kind jester with their help and the community. Wish St Paul Police would have shown me the same respect and kindness. It so added to trauma I already was trying to work through. I reaced out to the St Paul Police Department and never heard back. I’d like to know if he was having a bad day and took it all out on me or was it because I was while? Neither justify his attitude and behavior to me.