By Ali Lucia

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — We’re in the final days of July, so there’s no time like the present to get out on the water. Take your pick: kayaking, tubing, water skiing, or how about SUP?

On Tuesday, WCCO This Morning’s Ali Lucia headed to Lake Nokomis for a little walk on the water. SUP stands for “stand up paddleboarding.” The 75-minute workout class isn’t just about riding the waves, but taking a new approach to work out on the lake.

“It’s just another way to build in summer fitness in Minnesota,” said Dori Johnson, who started PaddleSculpt.

These days there are just enough boards to go around. Just like paddle boarding, Johnson’s rowing and stand up paddle business has taken off.

“I like the feeling when the water hits my feet, even though I get really tired there’s always a little bit of coolness,” Paddlesculpt member Ann Herrman said.

Johnson’s water classes range intensity levels from Paddle Yoga to Paddle Endurance.

“I think it’s the whole surfer vibe, or walking on water tranquility of being on a board,” Johnson said.

Lucia’s morning challenge centered around paddling from shore to shore, with strength training workouts sprinkled in between.

“We will do some upper body work, a lot of core, which can be difficult on an unstable platform,” said Johnson, who changes the routine for every class. “I have the group do stretching in the beginning, work the board, strength training, push-ups then it’s back to the water.”

“It’s really fun,” Herrman said. “You get to be out on the water and the workouts are different every time.”

Although gliding along the lake looks effortless, it’s not.

“It was intense it was a good workout,” Herrman said. “It’s a mental challenge as well, and there’s always a really fun group of people.”

When class comes to a close, make way for the final resting pose. There’s nothing like a little rest under the sun.

As for how many calories you can burn paddleboarding, it really varies on how rough the ride is. Some experts say if you push yourself at the right pace, 30 minutes of intense paddle boarding is equivalent to running six miles.

Just like when you’re boating, everyone is required to have a life jacket, but you don’t necessarily have to be wearing it.

Ali Lucia

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