MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A former employee of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis who went public with concerns that clergy sex abuse cases were being mishandled has filed a claim in bankruptcy court.

Jennifer Haselberger’s claim is dated Monday, the court-imposed deadline for filing claims as the archdiocese reorganizes its finances. More than 400 claims have been filed.

Haselberger’s claim says she’s seeking not less than $50,000 for defamation occurring after June 6, 2014. Haselberger says in an email to The Associated Press that the claim relates to multiple incidences from June of 2014 to the present. She didn’t provide specifics.

Haselberger says she may or may not take legal action. If she does pursue damages, she says she’ll use any award to ensure the archdiocese becomes a safe place for everyone.

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