2 Charged in Connection To 2014 Shooting Outside HCMCBy Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Seven south Minneapolis gang members face charges in connection to a multi-year gang war with their rivals, which includes a 2014 shooting outside the Hennepin County Medical Center, the United States Attorney’s Office announced Tuesday.

Authorities say the defendants include both leaders and members of the 10z and 20z street gangs. They are charged with conspiracy to possess firearms in the furtherance of a drug trafficking conspiracy, conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, possession with intent to distribute heroin and crack cocaine and illegal possession of firearms and ammunition.

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The defendants have been identified as 29-year-old Daniel Adams, 25-year-old Andrew Peterson, 22-year-old Percy Lacey Jr., 24-year-old Anthony Doss, 27-year-old Thomas Bennett, 23-year-old Paul Early and 24-year-old Clarence Dickens Jr.

Peterson and Lacey also face charges for their alleged role in the August 2014 shooting at the medical center.

Minneapolis police chief Janee Harteau said the arrests put a dent in street and drug crimes.

“It’s good for all of us,” she said. “This is good news.”

Harteau said last August two of the men plotted an attack at Hennepin County Medical Center because a rival gang member was being treated inside.

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“We’re celebrating the indictments today,” she said. “We have had concern, and we’ve taken action, and now you’re seeing the results of that action.”

Investigators say the suspects are being indicted for five shootings in the south Minneapolis area. They say the suspects were involved in gang war shootings of rival members and attempts to take over rival territory to deal more drugs.

This U.S. Attorney’s Office said this is the sixth violent gang it’s indicted since 2014.

“Street gangs trafficking heroin and other drugs in Minnesota are engaged in violence against one another and endangering the communities in which innocent civilians live and work,” U.S. Attorney Andrew Luger said.

The defendants face allegations of routinely engaging in gun violence with rival gangs, including the Bloods and Bogus Boyz, in order to protect drug dealing territory. Other allegations include robberies, retaliatory violence and the selling of illegal drugs.

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The seven charged are expected to make their initial appearance in U.S. District Court in St. Paul Tuesday.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield