MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A new report states that playing violent video games can lead to an increase in aggression.

There’s been debate for years whether violent video games can lead to violent behavior.

The seven-person, American Psychological Association task force reviewed 170 studies on video game violence and consulted with experts in the field.

However even after more than 20 years of studies, the APA said there still not enough research into whether games can cause actual criminal violence.

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  1. This is a case of finding one study to support want you want to believe. The same way there are hundreds if not thousands of reports saying that vaccines are completely safe, but you will get one that says the opposite. So, of course, those who wish to believe that vaccines cause autism will go with that one study. Several studies have been done on this same subject and have never found anything other than correlation, which as I’m sure you know is not the same as causation. Millions of people play violent video games so it’s safe to say some of them will be violent and aggressive. The same way there are millions of microwave owners and some of them will turn out to be murderers or rapists, doesn’t mean the microwaves made them do it.

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