MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It feels like the Minnesota Vikings’ coaches are just waiting for someone to unseat Robert Blanton, who started 13 games last season largely because they felt he was the best of some not-great options.

If they are waiting to be wowed, maybe Antone Exum Jr. just needs another game.

“I don’t go in like, ‘Man, I got to show them this or I got to show them that.’ Hopefully my ability will take over when I’m in the game, and, you know, I can show what I need to,” Exum said.

Two pre-season games into his second NFL season, Exum has two takeaways: a fumble recovery against the Steelers and an interception on an over-thrown ball against the Buccaneers.

They are both products of being in the right place at the right time, but there is something to be said for that.

“I pride myself on trying to make the big play, trying to, you know, change the game around and set the offense up to put points on the board,” he said.

But Mike Zimmer does not just want big plays. He is just as big on the boring ones, like when the quarterback doesn’t even throw in that direction because the receiver was plain-old-boring covered well.

Exum says the feedback he has gotten from coaches is that if he wants the job, he has just got to be more consistent.

“I think I’m doing a much better job at like, you know, the mental part of it, making calls and checks and putting guys in the right position and things of that nature,” Exum said. “So just being consistent, clean up some tackling stuff I can get better and continue to make plays.”

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